Our Concept

Why are people moved by a piece of theatre?
What do they find fascinating about it?
How we can inspire the audience's imagination.
That's what we aspire to discover in our performances

Our productions are triggers to inspire the imagination of the audience. When we rehearse, we always consider the flow of the give and take with the audience a top priority in our rehearsal process, including trying to understand what the audience is visualizing in their imagination.

Furthermore, live theatre is an outdated concept. The reason we exhibit productions through the media called theatre is that theatre is the best media that can inspire the imagination of the audience compared to any other media.

Theatre is just an empty box without the actors. When actors perform within this box, the box becomes a world of imagination.

Therefore, we believe that our performances should be used to inspire the imagination, which is the last unique potential for theatre.

From Hiroyuki Yamada

I founded Narikin Tenshi Theatre in 1993 and changed the name to Unique Point in 1999. At that time, I didn't have a regular company of actors, and recruited them for each performance. My goal was to work manly as a director and playwright. I did not have any connections at the time and wanted to meet as many acquaintances in the theatre world as possible. At this time I did not feel that I had enough experience to manage and maintain a membership of a repertory company.

I always tried to make the best productions with those actors at each moment. I reminisce about how many actors I have met over these past nine years. Some of these actors left the theatre world, some became marquee players of other theatre companies, and some chose death.

In 2002, after nine years of working in this manner, I decided it was necessary to establish a permanent company of actors and theatre artists.

After all these years of holding workshops and making productions, I have been turning over and over in my mind about establishing a repertory theater company. And finally, I came to a decision that a regular cast of actors is indispensable to Unique Point productions. Having a repertory membership gives our product more characteristic, a sharper focus and stronger stability.

My decision is made with a certain amount of confidence. There will be ups and downs as before. No matter how long it takes, I made up my mind to proceed with making our theatre succeed.

I look forward to your continued support.

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